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www.real-islam.org In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Ever Merciful In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Ever Merciful
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 Reply to false allegations 
 -- Swine & Bitches -- 

In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Ever Merciful

I always wonder that how any human can speak lies so shamelessly as Anti-Ahmadiyya so-called religious scholars do !!!!. If they do not have fear of Allah in their hearts (which seems they surely do not have because of their shameful lies) even then they must have some feelings of shame for those people atleast who might investigate about their allegations and so discover about their shameful lies. But it seems that their enmity with the one who was sent by Allah has made them exactly like those enemies of Prophets about which Allah says in Holy Quran that "They are deaf, dumb and blind; so they will not return." (2:18).

Almost 18 years have now passed since my acceptance of Ahmadiyyat i.e. The Real Islam. During this period whenever I tried to re-call the reasons which compelled me to convert, I always felt that the lies of Mullahs was the most decisive factor. Before my conversion, I always believed Ahmadis to be exactly like those as Mullahs used to tell us right from our childhood. But accidentally or fortunately when I started reading Ahmadiyya literature then it astonished me to know about the extent of falsehood which the Mullahs shamelessly tell in this regard. I am sure that anyone who will try to find the facts with his heart and eyes cleansed from hatred and being biased will easily find the Truth. Because hatred makes a person deaf, dumb and blind and so he or she can not realize the Truth.

One of the most oftenly presented allegation of Anti-Ahmadiyya campaigners like Dr. Rashid and other Mullahs is being quoted below in their own words :

  • Mirza Ghulam Qadiani did not have any scruples at using profanities to try to ridicule, intimidate, or threaten people who did not accept his false claim of prophet hood. Here is an examples of his writings :

    • "My enemies are dirty swine and their women are more wretched than bitches." (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 14, P. 53; Najmul Huda, P. 10, 53)

So, according to these so-called scholar of Islam, above are the words of Hadhrat Mirza Sahib (A.S.) about all those who do not accept his claim of prophet hood. Readers will be astonished to know that neither the above translation from Hadhrat Mirza Sahib's (A.S.) writing is correct nor the context.

Now let's explore that what Mizra Sahib (A.S.) had actually written.

Najmul Huda P.53-54
Najmul Huda P.64
Najmul Huda P.79

Translation :

We have a friend, and we are steeped in His love. We are totally disinterested in and feel abhorrence towards worldly status and honour. I see that the world and its seekers have become famine-stricken - they will soon whither away and face destruction, while the world of our love will never be struck by famine. People lean towards the bounties of this world, whereas we incline towards that countenance which grants true happiness and spiritual intoxication.

We have developed such a bond, with humility, to the friend in high that even the one, who could not be cleansed and purified, has become enlightened for us. The enemies have become as wild swine and their women have become worse than bitches, they hurl abuse - I know not why. Should we turn against the Friend in the high or shun Him? I have vowed that I shall never separate myself from him, even if Lions or Wolves tear my body apart. The worldly empires and possessions acquired by people come to an end for them with their departure from this world, but the empire of friendship that we have acquired has no risk of decline. (Najm-ul-Huda … Page 53-54)

The Christian clergy has spared no avenue of slander for our faith and they have hurled abuse at Our Holy Prophet (SAW) and made foul allegations against him and become his sworn enemies. You can see what a hard-line stance they have adopted, and how ablaze they are with prejudice, and how they are determined to side with one another upon their false claims. Within a short span of time they have published 100,000 such books, which contain nothing but abuse, allegation and accusations against our faith and the holy Prophet (SAW). These books are filled with such vile matter that we can hardly bear to give them even a cursory glance. You can see that their wicked deceptions are creating mayhem like a whirlwind; their hearts are devoid of any shame or dignity. (Najm-ul-Huda … Page 64.)

We have been commanded that we establish the truth by discussion, adopting a soft and gentle manner and not to repay abuse with abuse, except in a situation where a person goes beyond all limits in hurling abuse, insults and vile language against the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Hence we do not use any abusive language against the Christians; we do not resort to accusations, obscenities or desecrating their honour. We direct our attention solely towards those who openly and intentionally hurl abuse against our Holy Prophet (S.A.W). We respect those clergymen, who do not indulge in abuse against our Holy Prophet (S.A.W), and we hold as honourable those hearts, which are free from this malicious evil; we mention them with full respect and honour. (Najm-ul-Huda … Page 79)

(Please note that each page of Najmul-Huda is split in three parts. Main is in Arabic and then there are translations done by Mirza Sahib (A.S.) himself in Urdu and Persian. The first quote above is translation of verses of Arabic poem where Mirza Sahib (A.S.) has referred to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as his Beloved and Friend)

Dear readers, Just imagine how dishonest these so-called scholars are !!!! Very clearly the harsh words above are only and only for those Christian Clergy men who had crossed all limits of decency and published hundred of thousands of books consisting of very filthy language about our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at that time. Did these so-called ulemas who put this false allegation do not know this fact? Have not they also read the other pages which proved their allegation as totally false? Definitely yes. However, if someone has doubt about their knowing the passages as I mentioned above then he can now inform them about all these. But I assure you that despite all his efforts he will find them exactly as Allah described in the Holy Quran i.e. They are deaf, dumb and blind. If some one makes them see the light even then they will surely say "We can't see it".

Here one should also note that at times harsh words become unavoidable to explain the facts. However, Prophets and pious persons avoid the use of such words to the possible extent. Mirza Sahib (A.S.) had written more than 100 books which are not only full of knowledge and wisdom but also teach the followers again and again not to abuse anyone and even not to retaliate in the same way even if you are badly persecuted. Out of these 100 books these opponents find only few quotes and even then do not find them of their use (for misguiding the ordinary Muslims) unless they tampered with said occasional use of harsh words.

In the end only few lines about why harsh words in any circumstances?

One should note that, at times, use of harsh words becomes necessary as in Holy Quran Allah says "Verily, those who disbelieve from among the people of the Book and the idolaters will be in the fire of Hell, abiding therein. They are the worst creatures" (98:6)

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